995 N. Ridge Road
Castle Rock CO 80104
Contact Fr. Theron: 303/877-9621
"There's so much joy at Emmaus." Lura Wolfe
"Immanuel" Michael Card and Emmaus Choir

Sunday Worship

June 26: 
One Service + 10:00 
Confirmation & Eucharist
with Bishop Atwood

Regular Schedule
8:00 Holy Eucharist
9:15-10:15 Adult Class, Choir 
Nursery 9:15-11:45
10:30 Holy Eucharist

Wednesday Worship
Holy Communion 9:00 + Bible Study 9:45

Thursday Worship
Holy Eucharist & Healing Prayer 7:00

To Children's Church!
Easter Morning--Passover of the Lord @ Emmaus
Introduction to Emmaus Video

The Anglican Way of Walking with Jesus--Sunday afternoons, April 17-June 17.  A great class to learn about our way of walking with Jesus--culminating with confirmation with Bishop Atwood on June 26. More information under Faith Formation

Women Forming Together
Starting a new study, Richard Foster's classic of Christian spirituality, The Celebration of Discipline.  3rd Saturdays, 9-10:30 a.m. Come and see!  More information under Faith Formation

MESS—Men of Emmaus Studying Scripture

The Heart of the Leader and the Biblical Witness—insights from Scripture, led by a pair of West Point grads.  Teens through old guys welcome.   April 9, 8-9:30.