The Prodigal Son Suite 
 by Keith Green.
Fr. Theron and Ruth 
Easter Day 2016--The Easter Song by Anne Herring, arranged for Emmaus by Ruth.  There's about 30 seconds of background noise, and then, joy and wonder!  

Via Dolorosa--Addison and Lexi VanDeWalker--Good Friday:
The hammering you hear is from a ritual at the cross during the liturgy--people hammering sin in their life to the cross.

Good Friday: Death of a Son--Psalm 22 & 69
Fr. Theron, Rev. Paul Lessard, Addison VanDeWalker
Cheryl Maloney serves as our music minister. 

Music at Emmaus is best described as eclectic.  As Anglicans, we always have one or two classic hymns. These hymns are full of doctrine, rich poetry, and interesting harmonies.  They elevate the mind, and communicate beauty and truth.

Each service has a piece from the charismatic stream.  These are songs more from the heart than the head.  We are moved not just by thoughts, but by feelings.  We worship from a posture of humility and honesty.  

In the midst of lifting up our heart and minds towards God, we also strive to listen for the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Silence, waiting, responding are crucial.  

Authentic worship is congregational.
Authentic worship is beautiful, dignified, elevating.
Authentic worship is honest and heartfelt.  
Authentic worship participates in what's going on in heaven, with the church in glory, angels, archangels, giving praise, and listening for the Father's voice.  
Thou That Tellest Glad Tidings to Zion (Handel: Messiah).  Carol, Kelsey, and Ruth.
The Choir meets each Sunday for one hour of practice (9:25-10:15).  Besides sharing a special piece once a month, the choir is a small sub-group of the congregation.  Choir members lead worship, so prayer is a integral part of preparation for worship.

The choir has sung an original pieces, Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, and other pieces from the Messiah, African-American and Shaker spirituals, and with Michael Card.  Eclectic is the word!

Instrumentalists add their gifts whenever possible.  Trumpets, trombone, guitar, cello,  drums, flute, recorder, all have played, and are welcome.  
"The Prayer" Graduate Virginia Holst and Fr. Theron